Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Happy with the New Year, and all that

Wow, I've been really lame about actually posting for the last week or so. I guess I was mentally vacationing. Yeah, thinking about my productivity at work, that's probably an accurate description.

Went to the Floyds' last night for the now-traditional "lame New Year's with fondue". Which means that it was, what, a dozen or so folks hanging out, socializing, playing board games and eating fondue. We made a token notice of the midnight hour, but otherwise it was sort of a standard get-together.

Well, except for the fondue. The cheese fondues were very yummy; apples are definitely better than bread for dipping. I like cheddar a lot better than swiss. The dessert fondue, though... The dark chocolate unfortunately broke and went weird in texture, but it was tasty. The plain chocolate was very tasty, too. But the killer was the raspberry sauce. My god. With brownies dipped in it, it literally made me do a little happy dance. So. Good. Still drooling about it.

Now I'm off to the Boulder Bookstore's special sale.

Happy New Year, all!
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