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AMSNOLA - The Mad Schemes of Dr. Tectonic [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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AMSNOLA [Jan. 26th, 2012|10:34 pm]
So I'm in New Orleans!

At the annual AMS (American Meteorological Society, and can I tell you how inconvenient it is that Google thinks AMS means American Mathematical Society? Okay, it's mildly. Mildly inconvenient.) meeting.

I flew in Friday, because Saturday & Sunday I took a short course on CDAT, which is a software package for fiddling about with climate data in python. And it was good! I signed up for it to solidify my python knowledge (which is a bit marginal) as much as to learn CDAT, but it seems like it has the potential to be quite useful once the v.2 release comes out in a couple months. Parenthetically (and I'm just full of parentheses today), I was reminded that one of the things I like about python is that if I don't remember what the name of the function that does something is, I can guess and quite often be right.

So that was worthwhile, plus I figured out some stuff about how to do this format conversion for a project I'm working on. Oh, and double-plus, I now have a VMWare linux install on my Windows laptop, and it's kinda freaky the way it Just Works.

Anyway, Saturday I was back in my hotel room, and I checked the Book of Face and noticed that e_ticket has posted a photo labeled "Bourbon St." And I thought waitaminute, that's right nearby! So I texted him, and it turned out that, yes indeed, he was in town for a brief business trip. So I put on my headphones and walked a mile through the French Quarter and met up with him and a half-dozen bearses at Adolfo's over on Frenchmen Street (which is, like, pure concentrated local flavor that makes you immediately realize just how much Bourbon Street is for tourists) and had a really quite excellent second dinner.

And then Sunday, after my short course was over and my brain was full, goddessdster came and picked me up and we got to hang out, YAAAAAAAAY! We had another really excellent dinner (BBQ from a place called "Squeal"), and then gelato. And also spent a good while driving about and talking. I wish I was better at telling amusing stories about these kinds of things, but really all I can tell you is that we hung out and talked and it was good.

And then all this week was the actual conference. I saw some interesting talks about Python on the first day, and had useful professional-type discussions with people who stopped by my poster or that I saw in the halls, and saw some boring talks, and walked back and forth a whole lot, and... y'know. It was a conference. Not really much interesting to report if you're not my boss.

Heading home tomorrow afternoon. I generally have them book my flight for mid-day the next day, because I hate having to scramble to get packed up and checked out on a deadline.

I'm gonna have to do a whole post about food.

[User Picture]From: kung_fu_monkey
2012-01-27 06:03 am (UTC)
Looking forward to having you home, love.
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[User Picture]From: dcseain
2012-01-27 06:24 am (UTC)
Hope the conference week goes as well as the weekend has.
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[User Picture]From: zalena
2012-01-27 07:21 am (UTC)
When I heard you were in New Orleans, I thought of this, which was featured on the news program yesterday: http://m.npr.org/news/Arts+%26+Life/145845744
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[User Picture]From: bryree
2012-01-27 07:07 pm (UTC)
Yes! Foods!
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[User Picture]From: annlarimer
2012-01-27 07:20 pm (UTC)
"Squeal"? D:
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[User Picture]From: goddessdster
2012-01-28 04:40 am (UTC)
Pigs are good eatin', Ann.
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[User Picture]From: goddessdster
2012-01-28 04:44 am (UTC)
I had a fantastic evening with you and only wish I could have carved out more time so we could have gotten together again. Next conference!

Also, were your headphones big and puffy? Because that's my visual, and it makes my brain happy to picture you walking by Big Daddy's with ginormous headphones.
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From: detailbear
2012-01-29 03:07 pm (UTC)
Speaking of posters...

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