Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Big Ideas

Mom took me on a drive up the hill from the house this morning. We went to have a look at some of the fences they're working on, and to show off some of the nice vistas. It was very pretty.

We talked about lots of neat stuff; some continuation of discussion from the night before about communities and stuff like that (things spurred by Perlick's [nehrlich] comments from Friday), tectonic history of the Rockies, dependence of biomes on altitude and water, what my cousins have been up to, and so on. It was great. No offense to anyone else, but I have got the best Mom in the whole entire world. I'm so glad I went up to visit this weekend!

On the way back this afternoon, I picked up a hitch-hiker and gave him a ride back to Denver. This poor guy was on a weekend trip with his girlfriend, and she hooked up with a former boyfriend, dumped him, and stranded him there in Silverthorne! He was waiting at the on-ramp for about two hours before I gave him a ride. He was a pretty good conversationalist, and I guess I left him feeling considerably better about the world than when I picked him up, so I'm pleased about that. And he gave me $20 for gas. Bonus!

This evening Jerry and I went over to the Floyds' and played The Big Idea (super-deluxe, much-improved version!) with Chris, Tom, Jeff, and Matt Kuenning. It was a lot of fun; I like the rules tweaks and extra cards.

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