Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Blue Cheese

I got a wild hair to re-download and play Master of Magic, and wasted some hours this weekend on it. Got halfway through a no-spellbooks game, got a little bored with it, and then switched to a game with all picks spent on sorcery.

I also stumbled across a web forum where people were discussing their favorite combos in MoM. The AI is not spectacular, so usually as a human player you're gonna win, and it's mostly a question of how. MoM has a zillion-and-one cheesy exploits without even getting into hardcore save-scumming. (That is, save-and-reload until the RNG gives you the low-probability outcome you desire.) And the forum folks went through a whooooole lot of 'em.

But I am astonished that nobody was advocating for blue magic. I have one hero, just wiped out my second enemy, and am completely stomping this game. On HARD. All you need to do is cast flight on your units to make them completely invulnerable to non-flyers, then use confusion to turn the enemies against one another. Oh, sure, it may take multiple combats and a lot of mana, but it's a guaranteed win in the long run. Sooo deliciously cheesy.

I may try a red run next; I never really got the hang of that play style.

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