Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Peter's LARP

Larping yesterday! My friend Peter (Frost) ran a 30+-person game as an outgrowth of his tabletop D&D game. He's got a clever variation on the usual setting where the "gods" are actually giants who've set themselves up as the oppressive rulers of all the normal humanoids. This guy named Kael and his companions (the PCs in his game, as it turns out) managed to kill a couple of them, so Kael declared himself rightful king of the half-elf archipelago and called a convocation of interested parties to establish a new government.

I got to play Baron Vladamere Savaan, a Sassran (tiefling or devil-man) landowner:

I got a lot of compliments on my costume. (And even some on my beard!) A couple people thought the concealed wand-holster on the left wrist was exceptionally nifty. And I am deeply appreciative of kung_fu_monkey's contributions, because not only did he help me get my skin evenly red in places like the back of the neck, he also supplied the awesome coat that really made the outfit. Thanks, sweetie!

The game was a lot of fun! It was mostly just politicking and negotiating resource exchanges (for me, anyway -- there was a lot of poison floating around, apparently), but figuring out who everyone is and whether they've got something you want and can get is enjoyable.

And, I'm pleased to say, I totally won the game. My objective was to maintain and maybe expand my lands and to gain a high position in the new government. Not only did I increase my character's holdings to cover the entirety of the islands in the southern part of the archipelago, I also got named Governor of Governors and Suzerain of Suzerains, which is to say, second-in-command to the king with regard to domestic affairs. Woot!

I got it by giving a small island to the dwarves for their home, and by making arrangements for Catalina Telepyleia the Pirate Queen (which is an awesome name) to use our ports as a home base for raids against the Southern Islands. The funny thing about that is that my character sheet said "she's been a problem for you, sacking your ships, and you'd like to find a way to neutralize her". So I went into the game planning to, like, convince her she was cursed or something -- but then Misty (Catalina's player) decided that instead of pursuing her given goal of seducing King Kael (played by Misty's husband), that it would be more fun to flirt with me. And hey, "make friends with" counts as "neutralizing", so shortly thereafter I just paid her off with the key to a city to keep my ships safe, and then negotiated the win-win raid-the-south arrangement with her as an Admiral to cement my position with the King. The best bit? I had a "disarmingly charming" ability that I could use to get someone of the appropriate orientation to look favorably on a deal I was proposing that I tried to use on her, like, three times and couldn't because every time I got ready to pull the card out, she got extra flirty and then agreed to my suggestion! So that was pretty entertaining.

I think it also helped that instead of lots of dither-y negotiation, I just presented the King with an offer: I'll give you A, B, and C, and in exchange you give me X, Y, and Z. Sound good? So all he had to do was decide wither it was reasonable, and that kind of thing is always appealing to people who are Very Busy with Important Decisions.

There's probably a lesson in there or something.

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