Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Downton, Flash, Citation

We are nearly done with S1 of Downton Abbey, and it is continuing to be delicious. One of the things I am really enjoying is how much of what goes on is things not actually happening -- there are all these implications and missed opportunities and things not said that are all tremendously important and quite clearly almost there, but in the end... they're absences, rather than happenings. And it's fascinating to me how effectively the cast and the direction communicate all of this just with looks and camera angles and suchlike. Maggie Smith is uh-MAZ-ing. And oh my GOD when things DO happen, it's either something I would never have predicted or vicious vicious witticisms. Wow.

I have completely forgotten what prompted me to put Flash Gordon in the queue, but Netflix sent it anyway, so we watched it. It was better than I remembered/expected. The visuals -- sets, costumes, cinematography -- are actually quite good. An excellent spectacle. I think the movie suffers mostly from having a weak leading man who can't figure out what to do with the part. The dialogue is... not great (especially before they leave Earth), but everyone else sort of dives in and goes for it, and that works. Flash stays sort of distanced from the fundamental weirdness, and that doesn't. Plus it's got Brian Blessed as Prince Vultan, which has got to have been a role that was written for him specifically, it's so perfect. His mouth opens really wide. It's kinda scary. ...annnnnd now I'm thinking of him as Fizzgig from The Dark Crystal. Thanks, brain.

Also, I just found out that the main paper for our project at work now has 59 citations. I'm 5th author on it. Nice!

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