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My birthday was actually a week ago, but Monday is a lousy day for parties, and we didn't really have our act together early enough to do anything the day before. So we had the party on Saturday.

I knew there was going to be a party, but Jerry managed to keep any other details from me. All I knew was that there would be people.

Wow, were there people! I will not attempt to summarize, but will defer to my super-awesome sweetie's super writeup and just say that it was amazing and wonderful and exactly what I wanted. Lots and lots of friends, yay!

I feel super-lucky and super-loved. Thank you all so much!

It's funny, but turning 40 doesn't feel much like a milestone. (Maybe because it was stretched out by a week.) But it does feel awesome to have so many good friends.

Oh, and before I forget, on Friday I got to meet up with thetarnishedowl and have dinner with him & his sister & her family. Then I showed Bruce the Mesa Lab (he used to be an architect) and we hung out for a couple hours. So that was pretty keen, too.

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