Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,


Sunday Jerry & I drove up to Nick & Jackie's new place, outside Ft. Lupton. Which is a farm. Like, a for-really one. With goats and chickens and turkeys and geese and rabbits and dogs and cats and possibly other critters, but those are the ones I noted.

We got a tour around, and then we helped plant stuff. We dug holes and put fruit trees in along one end of the plowed field, and then started staking out plots for vegetables at the other end. I got to exercise my geometry/logistics skills, but it's pretty hard to keep your rectangles square when everything is being measured in terms of "okay, so this rectangle starts 3 feet from the end of that one, and then we go 5 feet past the end of this other one", and by the end of it we had about six feet less than we were supposed to. (I don't think it helped that the field wasn't particularly square and was missing a corner.) But, as Jackie put it, "the nice thing about veggies is you can just squish 'em a little closer together," so I guess it'll all work out in the end.

It was fun! (Other than whatever I did to my right hamstring. Ow.) I hadn't realized how many farm critters don't need to be fenced in to keep them at home; with all the birds, the fencing is much more about keeping other critters *out*.

The male turkeys are funny, because they'll puff themselves up and stalk about trying to impress you, but if they get too pushy you can just pick them up and give them a hug and literally deflate them, and then they go sulk for a bit.

Jerry got a lovely sunburn on his neck. I got some pink on my nose & face.

Also, there's lots of poop on a farm.

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