Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Arctic Ho

Today I have packed up and run to the bank and got all my hairs cut, and shortly we will be off to catch the bus to the airport and thence a plane to Alaska.

My mom & step-dad have been living in Ninilchik, on the Kenai peninsula for the last few years, and we figured we ought to go visit before they leave later this year. (It's much more feasible with two than it was when there were more of us.)

We're staying at a hotel in Anchorage tonight, and then tomorrow morning we'll do the 3.5 hour drive (which is apparently quite scenic) down to meet them and drop off the rental car at the airport in Kenai. (Seasonal demand made it cheaper for my parents to do that than the gas to drive up and pick us up would have been.)

I was excited because we'll be positioned to get about 70% on tomorrow's eclipse, but then I checked the weather report and realized... oh, yeah, while there will be plenty of hours of daylight, we may well not see the sun the entire time we're there. Hurrah for vitamin D pills...

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