Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Saturday (Microscope)

Saturday was a lovely big birthday party for Chris Floyd, to which I brought the gazpacho that I needed the vinegar of my last post for. Lots of socialization with friends, YAY! Also, Kevin was in town for it (well, and for a wedding on Sunday), and I got to play Microscope with him & his girlfriend Melissa and Neal and Nick. (Five is suboptimal, but we made it work.)

We had a really great example of what makes the shared creative agency in Microscope so much fun. One of the things you can do is to create a Scene that answers a particular question and have everyone role-play through it. So I'm setting up a scene. The question is, "how did the isolationists smuggle the Mind Bomb that depopulated Cynosure Station onto it during the Grand Reconnection Celebration?" So it's established that that's going to happen, and we have to collectively improv to figure out how to get there. As the creator of the Scene, you can require or ban particular characters. So I say "I'm going to ban any stargate technicians, and require... the Mind Bomb."

And everybody thinks: "Oh! The Mind Bomb is a person!"

Melissa, to my right, gets to pick her character for the scene first, and says "I'll play the Mind Bomb. Her name is Lilliandra, and she's the master of ceremonies for the Grand Reconnection." And everyone else thinks, "The Mind Bomb is the Emcee?! I... was not expecting that!"

And after everybody has picked characters for the scene, you reveal thoughts, and Lilliandra is thinking that she's glad the isolationists have been more reasonable lately and she really hopes there won't be any trouble and everyone suddenly realizes "Holy shit, she's the Mind Bomb and she doesn't even know it!"

And it's just fun the way you fill in holes and suddenly everything in your mental picture shifts to make room for the new idea.

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