Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Post-fire return

Hooray, my systems are back! Even better, they didn't turn the power to the building off yesterday, so I didn't have to spend an hour getting my machine all set back up again the way I want it.

If you missed it, on Tuesday lightning started a fire just on the other side of the ridge from where I work. They sent everybody home around 3:30 in the afternoon, and yesterday the building was closed. We're supposed to work from home when that happens, but because nobody was in the building, they also shut down all the systems from which I access my data. So I couldn't actually do any of the work I was planning to, all I could do was work on the website.

Today we had a late open, but I managed to be very productive, and that was satisfying.

Except that I had a low-grade sinus-type headache all day from the residual smoke. And now the headache is lingering. Ugh.

But I'm really, really glad that we got some moisture yesterday and today; sounds like they're getting some of the fires under control.

Also, SCOTUS upheld the healthcare thingy! Woot!

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