Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Hello nap

My boss is running a workshop this week and next, and I'm providing technical support. Mostly this means powerpoint wrangling, which is pretty straightforward even though nobody ever has theirs ready ahead of time. Also, I get to put a lavalier mic on the speaker and make sure the webcast is running and being recorded, which means pressing the "start/stop recording" button on a webpage at the beginning and end of every talk.

So it's not exactly stressful -- in the interstitial time I managed to submit my AMS abstract today, so it appears I'll be heading to Austin in January, and I've also QC'd a new dataset and added a bunch of plots to our website -- but I could do without the whole "get to work really early" aspect. Monday was a 12-hour day (reception in the evening) and yesterday was 10 hours, but today I got to leave work early, after only 8 hours! Woo!

Came home and promptly slept for almost three hours just now. So that was nice.

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