Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,


My Mom was here last weekend. She got here Friday evening, and left Wednesday morning.

Saturday... we went out and did something, but damned if I can remember what.

We went to a family reunion on Sunday, which was pretty keen. (I should note: this was a reunion for my Dad's family, which is to say, my Mom's ex-in-laws. My parents' divorce was... uncommonly amicable, in the long run.) Got to see lots of relatives I don't see very often.

I took Monday off, because too much work. Did some shopping and saw some of my Mom's friends from when she worked at Colorado School of Mines. And of course I know them, too, because when I was in high school I would hang out there after school. And then we had dinner up in Evergreen with Laila & Craig. Laila was a student assistant at the geology museum (which my Mom ran) when she was a student at Mines. Craig, it turns out, also went to Kansai Gaidai for a semester! So he & Jerry had lots of Japan stories to exchange.

And Tuesday I was back to work, but we had a very nice dinner at the Indian place.

It was really nice having her visit. We had lots of conversation about random things which I cannot relate to you, but it was all good. And we got her to play some Rock Band with us! That was fun. I'm happy that she's only six hours away in Nebraska now, instead of a plane-flight away in Alaska.

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