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We have cats! Jerry has all the pictures and the LJ scrapbook is being uncooperative, so I'll just tell you about them.

We have two, a boy and a girl. Both are about a year old.

Boykitty is playful sleekit black cat with pumpkin orange eyes. His name is Nicodimius. He likes perching and upness.

Girlkitty is slightly more smaller and wildish. She is calico tabby*. Her name is Ioliel. She is playful and excitable and also kinda bitey sometimes.

*She has big patches of white, orange, and dark, which makes her calico, but the dark is tabby, so I theenk that means calico tabby, but if you google this you will find people getting downright argumentative about it on forums, so it's not entiiiirely clear.

They are awesome! YAY!

We got them from Almost Home Adoptions, on 88th & Harlan, which is wow-amazing. Seriously, such a super cool place to adopt a cat. It's a whole house where all the cats just roam around free and happy; no cages or anything. And it's also a shelter, not just a rescue, so there are some cats that aren't there for adoption as much as for long-term care because they're sort of special-needs. There was also a pair (Precious and Howie) that were staying there while their human was in rehab for a car accident. They were both very friendly and we would totally have adopted them if it were an option. Precious is missing one of her front legs and she totally glommed onto Jerry and was all, Hello, this is now MY lap. So you go in, and you can just, y'know, hang out with cats. If you live in Denver and are feeling a lack of feline energy in your life, I highly recommend it. Just take some food or litter to donate and go visit; I'm sure they'd love to see you.

Anyway, we spent a couple hours there hanging out and interacting with various kitties to see which ones were interested in us. After a while, we had two that seemed to like us a fair bit, and the staff were able to tell us about them and that they got along reasonably well with one another, so we said, yes, we want these ones, please. (They were very pleased that we were happy to take adults instead of kittens, and that we wanted two, and especially that one of them was a black cat.) It cost $95 each, but they've been spayed/neutered and have all their shots and we were happy to chip in $25 extra to support the place.

So that was Saturday. Yesterday they spent most of the day hiding behind/under the chair in the library, but came out a little in the evening. And then this morning they just vanished. We looked all over the house and could not find them anywhere. (We found Nico under the entertainment center for a bit, but then he vanished even more thoroughly.) So we were fretting quite a bit about them all day (like, did they somehow get outside? Or in the walls?), but then this evening they reappeared and have been all lovey, albeit also a tad skittish, so I think they are bonding with us and are just still in settling-in mode and will vanish during the day until they're convinced there aren't any scary monsters in the house.


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