Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

'puters = teh suXX0r

I really need some new usericons, for things like "cranky", and "hate".

They switched my machine from Fedora Core 1 over to RedHat Enterprise mumble-mumble today. This is not so bad, though it means that I have to drag an assload of files from my home machine back to this one because they repartitioned it. (I was late to Jeff's Star Wars game last night because I wanted to babysit the file transfer until I was sure that everything important was actually backed-up.)

The annoying thing is that I have to reinstall a bunch of the software that I use every day. All but one of the reinstalls went beautifully, with no effort at all. The last one (Eterm, the program that puts graphics behind all the words and which I now need or my brain gets bored when I try to do anything) is refusing to work for no good reason. I installed all the rpms, all the pieces are in place, but Eterm can't find the image loaders.

Annoying. And my geekness is no longer l33t enough to cope with grabbing the source from sourceforge and poking it until it goes. So I sent a message to the userlist, and on Monday they'll show me how to install more stuff from the RedHat repositories via "channels" (whatever the fuck that means), and things will be Made to Go™. At least I have functioning email, windowmanager, and streaming trance music.

But in the meantime: Bah. Feh. And poo.

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