Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Farewell Jack

So I realize that 105.5 Jack FM was not so much a radio station as basically just an iPod Shuffle loaded with Top 40 hits and plugged into a radio transmitter.

But it being such, it meant the odds were significantly bettered that when all the other stations were managing to be talky-talky or commercial-riffic all at the same time, there would be at least one station that was playing Music I Don't Hate.

Now it's all sports talk or something. Sports talk is very definitely NOT Music I Don't Hate.

So boo to that!

There's probably a rant or maybe even a thoughtful essay to be written about how our modern interconnected electronic lives are all dependent on these services that can just suddenly vanish due to corporate turbulence, and and how it would be nice if business culture recognized a moral obligation to provide smooth transitions or whatever, but mostly, boo! I'm annoyed that I'm gonna have to change my radio presets.
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