Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Fire, Stars, Music

So last Saturday we drove out East to Bob & heypyro's for Pyro's birthday celebration and had a super-excellent time.

Got to see lots of friends: Chris & Todd, and Ray & Ron & Rich, and Jason, and Bob & Mike, and David, and Ted, and of course the birthday boy and his partner. Met some new friends, too -- Channan and Adam. It was all bears, which meant it had this vibe of "everyone here is a member of the same tribe", which is nice. I like that. It also meant there was plenty of good food. (Sausage rolls and chocolate cupcakes with salted caramel frosting, om nom!)

There was, of course, a bonfire. I hadn't been to one of Pyro's parties before, and it is really a nice addition to a party. The weather was absolutely perfect for it. Just the right temperature, very little wind. And I was amazed at what great stars they have out there. Their place is only about half an hour away from ours, out I-76 a little ways, but that's just far enough to put all the streetlights below the horizon and give a wonderful clear view of the stars. I actually saw the Milky Way!

Had a lot of really lovely conversation with various folks, which of course I cannot recount any details of other than that I learned about the holiday flavor of Guy Fawkes Night in Britain, which was pretty keen.

Oh! And Pyro recommended to us Mongrels, which is a show with puppet animals that you can watch on Hulu. It is hilarious, as well as deeply, deeply wrong and not even remotely child-friendly. So you should totally watch it. We are also enjoying Shameless.

And there was lots of good music. And a gorgeous sunset. And people playing Cards Against Humanity. And did I mention the bonfire?

So yeah. Awesome party, and I definitely hope Pyro continues to have birthdays so we can celebrate more of them.

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