Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

A Poll About My Politics

I have a question for y'all!

I am, shall we say, fairly liberal in my political leanings.

I like having Obama as my president. I like that he's thinky and deliberate and takes the long view. I like the way he communicates. I like his leadership style. And I think he's done a good job over the last four years, all things considered. I'm going to vote for him because I actually want him to win, rather than wanting the other guy to lose, and he's probably the first presidential candidate I've felt that way about, like, ever.

I don't like Mitt Romney. I think he's willing to espouse policies he doesn't believe in to court votes, and many of the things he says in doing so are loathsome. I think his worldview is tainted by wealth and privilege, that he's blind to that fact, and that it clouds his judgment. Every pro-Romney ad I've seen makes me more opposed to him. I do not favor the notion of him being elected president.

My question is: is any of this information in any way novel or surprising to anyone reading this?

Poll #1870573 Beemer's Thoughts on the Election

Is any of this news to you?

Hell no.
Mostly no, but some details are new to me.
Actually, I did not know these things!
I am surprised, shocked, and/or amazed by these revelations. I had thought you were a hardcore far-right-wing ultraconservative. [WHO *ARE* YOU???]



I figure this is all a gigantic pile of DUH to everybody I know, which is one of the (many) reasons I don't talk about politics, but I got to thinking, well, I don't talk politics, so perhaps I am more mysterious than I think. And now I'm wondering.

I believe you can comment using facebook ID if you don't have an LJ account (dunno 'bout filling out the poll), but just in case I'll also turn on anonymous commenting.

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