Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Concert Review: All-American Rejects with Boys Like Girls and Parachute.

I went to a concert tonight! It was great, and since it's left me way too amped up to get to sleep just yet, I'll give you a review.

Price: 30-some dollars. Totally worth it. I bought my ticket online and printed it out. The "service fee" was a bit obnoxious, but still. 30 bucks is cheap as concerts go.

Time: Doors opened 6 pm. Opening act went onstage at 7 pm, second act at 7:45 or 8-ish, headliners came on at 9:30 I think?, show was over a bit after 11. So like 3+ hours of music, 5 hours of standing. Which is not bad. My only complaint is that it does interfere with having any kind of dinner, especially since I left the house shortly after 5 so as to swing by the Wrangler to wish Ray a happy birthday. I suppose one can always skip the opening acts.

Travel: God I hate driving through downtown Denver.

Parking: $6 in a lot just one street over. Score!

Venue: Summit Music Hall, at 19th and Blake right near the baseball stadium. I got there at 6:20 or so and the line was moving but it still stretched around the corner and all the way up one side of the block and halfway down the next. I thought it was going to be horribly crowded, but there was enough space to move around pretty easily and good sight-lines to the stage from every spot I could see. I found a little corner next to the stairs so I didn't have to be all jammed up against people.

Bar: $2 for a bottle of water, which I was totally happy with.

Parachute: I had never heard of this band before, but I will check out some of their stuff now, because I like their sound. They only played a half-dozen songs, but they had some pretty enthusiastic fans in the audience. The lead singer gets bonus rock star points for going out into the audience, then getting back on stage, climbing up onto his keyboard and standing on it, then having the stand collapse underneath him and he never stopped singing.

Boys Like Girls: I think this is one of those bands that has a single I recognize from the radio but would never be able to identify beyond "hmm, that sounds familiar". There was something weird with their sound mix, because I had a hard time hearing the lyrics and trouble understanding what the lead singer was saying between songs. Still, I enjoyed their set and intend to look up some of their stuff on the youtubes.

Side note, both bands had conventionally handsome leads (such skinny skinny legs!) and a LOT of younger female fans. Statistically, I find that usually it's the bassist or the drummer that I find the most attractive, but for my money, the best-looking guy onstage before AAR came on was the lead roadie. (To be fair, he was a very handsome roadie.) But AAR set things right because their drummer has a beard.

All-American Rejects: So, some bands play live and just try to sound like they do in the studio, only louder. This was not the case here. They were identifiably the same band (plus touring members), but crazy and energetic and fun. (And louder.) There were musical shenanigans and a bass duel. And thy played all the songs I super-love. AMAZING set.

Memo to myself, I need to make a point of going to performances where the bass is amplified so loud that I can feel it on a regular basis, because that does things to me.

Also, I apparently needed to shred my voice singing screaming along as loud as possible to "Gives You Hell" at the end of the show, because I did, and it made me feel really, really good.

So yeah. I'm so happy I went to this show, my cheeks hurt from smiling.

And I think I can probably fall asleep now.

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