Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Vote-it, Transit, Wreck-It

We went and early voted yesterday. It was surprisingly busy; I'm not sure if it's this election, or if because last time I voted in person it was in a different district. I actually had a couple votes outside the party-line, somewhat to my surprise. And there were a couple local questions that I didn't know about from researching, but luckily they were simple and I felt comfortable answering on the spot. And I forgot to ask Thomas about the judge retentions, so I just abstained on those. Having already voted, though, now the incessant political robocalls are EVEN MORE ANNOYING. Here's a way to massively increase voter turnout: if you vote early, you get some kind of magic code that you can enter into your phones, TVs, and computers to block all political advertising and polling until the election is over...

Afterward, my commute in to work was exceedingly thwartful. I got to the Park-N-Ride just a few minutes after the last bus, so I got to wait about 20 minutes for the next one. And it was a B local, which typically arrives at the PnR in Boulder a couple minutes later than the AB from the airport would, and because the slip ramp from the highway is closed while they're building a pedestrian overpass, that difference was just enough to miss the shuttle van for work. So I decided to ride it up to Table Mesa & Broadway and wait there, because it's sunnier and I can wait in the lobby of the credit union if I get too cold, but it turns out that the bus no longer stops at that intersection, it stops two blocks before or a quarter mile after.

So I had to trudge grumpily back *and* wait the extra half-hour for the shuttle, but I suppose if I hadn't, I wouldn't have been there to help the old lady in the electric wheelchair when she got it high-centered on the curb, so I guess it wasn't that bad really if I concede that maybe it's not All About Me.

Then last night we went to Cinebarre with heypyro and the bear crowd to see Wreck-It Ralph, which was thoroughly enjoyable. They did a lot of clever things with animation styles to capture the different generations of video games. And I was very impressed with the 3D - when we saw The Avengers, I kept noticing it every few minutes, and it would pull me out of watching the movie, but in this case, it was totally seamless. And in addition to good writing and visuals and voice acting, it also had, like, decent gender balance and messaging and stuff. So it's good, is what I'm saying. Go see it.

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