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I am nearly finished making (I estimate) about two hundred profiteroles for our Secret Satan party tonight.

I wasn't really planning to make that many, but I made a double recipe of choux paste, and I piped them out fairly small, and, well, it appears that that much will go a long way. I dipped 'em in a chocolate glaze, I've filled most of them with whipped cream, and they're sitting in the freezer, which will make the filling ice-creamy. (I'll fill the rest of them in just a minute here; I needed to take a break to get laundry out of the dryer and now I need to whip more cream.)

The chocolate glaze was almost a total disaster. I melted a Lindt 70% cocoa and an 85% cocoa bar (which is actually too un-sweet to be interesting (both half price at the grocery store!)) in the microwave (because it's WAY better than a double-boiler) and made up a sugar syrup following the Joy of Cooking's suggestions for how to make a chocolate glaze. I think I let the chocolate cool off too much, though, because when I started mixing in the syrup (and I only used about 2/3 of it), it turned all grainy. Ack!

So I tossed it back into the microwave to see if I heated the whole mix back up if it would re-dissolve, and despite formulating the rule in my own mind earlier in the day that you should never microwave chocolate for more than 20 seconds at a time, I stuck it in for about 45, and when I pulled it out it was all weird and foamy in texture -- I think the water in it boiled a little bit. Double ack! One of me other books -- The Cake Bible? -- had a recipe for chocolate glaze made with chocolate and cream, so in desperation, I decided to try that. After all, it's not like it'll get any less usable, right? So I dumped in a bunch of heavy cream, started mixing, and lo and behold the whole thing came together into a beautiful, smooth, glossy liquid! Hooray! Tasted great, looked wonderful, cooled to a nice hard (but not brittle) shell (once I stuck the dipped profiteroles outside on the porch, which is almost as cold as my refrigerator today, but considerably bigger), and was just all around perfect.

Got the Secret Satan presents wrapped, now I just need to fill the last few, put some aside for Jerry's return, clean up and get dressed, and I'll be all ready to head out when Bryree gets here in about an hour.

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