Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

I'm A Shining Airport Rapporteur

I spent Wednesday and Thursday at the Stanley Hotel up in Estes Park. Yes, that's the one that was the inspiration for the Overlook Hotel in The Shining. (The hotel shows the movie 24/7 on one of the TV channels.) Note that it's just the hotel that shows up in the story; the setting doesn't really match up all that well, which makes the premise seem a smidge comical in person: "Oh no, the access road to the hotel is snowed shut and the caretaker has gone crazy! I'll have to... hike a hundred yards downhill to that little shopping center with a Subway in it."

But it's a very nice hotel. kung_fu_monkey came along and has a nice writeup about it because he got to go on the historical tour. Me, I know that the meeting rooms are a little chilly in the winter, because I was there for our strategic planning retreat. Which was not bad; certainly it felt a lot more like a worthwhile expenditure of time and effort than the last time I was involved in this kind of thing.

I ended up being the rapporteur for our breakout group on Wednesday, and it would seem that this is something I'm actually pretty good at. I got a lot of unsolicited compliments on my notes summarizing the discussion and the presentation I put together from them. It left me totally wiped out, so Thursday I mostly sat in the background, but we had switched to a less germane topic anyway. All in all, I think I represented our group favorably. So that's good.

Yesterday was a half-day at work and some downtime to recover and packing, because today I'm off to San Francisco for the annual AGU pilgrimage. Woo!

But mostly I'm sitting in the airport today, because the Bay Area is getting drenched by a pineapple express event (an "atmospheric river") and so my flight is delayed by a couple hours. *le sigh* Ah well, could be worse. It should be a good trip once I actually get there.

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