Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Travel whinging

So I'm in Austin. I flew Southwest, which I haven't done before. A super-long line for baggage drop-off and slow-ass security at DIA cancelled out my clever early online check-in. But I still got an aisle seat, so it was only a mildly annoyance.

Annnnd then Southwest lost my poster tube.

(I know, I know, shoulda carried it on. Lesson learned.)

I am inconvenienced, not hosed, because I printed out all of my figures (which make up 80% of the poster area) and brought them with me (because the resolution on the first printing of my poster was too low and it was horribly pixelated) and there's a UPS store in the lobby of my hotel that has a large-format printer, so (assuming Southwest doesn't find my poster tomorrow morning and bring it to me), I can go down there tomorrow morning and have them print out the other chunks of the poster in time for the poster session in the afternoon and it'll only cost, like, $50.

But still, blah.

And I have a cold. I'm alternating between feeling not bad and fairly lousy, depending on whether my sinuses have decided to swell up and be horrible and how achy I feel and how recently I've been having digestive distress. Food has helped. (Well, except when it hasn't.)

Happily, the hotel is right across the street from the convention center, and there's nothing I want to attend until 11 am tomorrow, so I expect I'll be able to convalesce reasonably well.

All in all, though, this trip is not off to a spectacular start. Unless they have this meeting someplace super-exciting next year, I'm just gonna skip it next time.
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