Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,


Still feeling under the weather, but today was a marked improvement.

Got the non-figure chunks of my poster printed out this morning with minimal fuss and bother. It took me 45 minutes and 88 thumbtacks to get it all posted, but the backup plan worked and was totally acceptable. And then, the airline called to say they had my poster tube! They delivered it at lunch, so I was even able to hang it up by the beginning of the poster session at 2:30. I'm out 50-some bucks on the unnecessary extra printing, but really, all in all? It coulda been oh so much worse.

Poster session was fine. Fewer good poster comments than useful discussions with people who wanted to talk to me personally rather than look at the poster, but that's how it goes, sometimes. Standing for 90 minutes wiped me out, though.

I'm not fond of the way the conference is strung way out around the perimeter of the convention center, putting all the pairs of talks I want to see a good five minute walk away from one another. I think this conference suffers from being an awkward side; it's too big to fit in a big hotel, but too small to fill up a well-apportioned chunk of a big convention center. (That, or the organizers are just no good at organizing. The fact that the program is organized by topics ordered not alphabetically or numerically but by seniority lends some credence to this notion.)

Lots of good food today. Cold pizza for breakfast (and I feel proud of myself for thinking of that last night); excellent bi bim bap from Koriante for lunch, and amazing barbecue from Stubb's for dinner.

Tired now. It's 9:30 and I'm already in bed. Sleep comes soon, I suspect.

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