Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Cookies Are Super Metal

So I mentioned in the other post that I got to the show really early. There's a story there.

Poking around on the band's website earlier this week, I found a request form for meeting with the band. So I thought, "Awesome! What can I suggest that will be enticing? I know! I will offer to make them cookies if I can meet up and get a picture." So I did, and then I didn't hear anything back, and then I thought, screw it, I'll make 'em cookies anyway, because my cookies are good and they need cookies at the end of the tour, and I'll see if I can figure out a way to give them to them at the show. Worst case scenario, I end up with a bunch of homemade cookies, oh noes.

So Saturday morning I made a batch of 3 dozen bacon chocolate chip cookies and put them in a ziploc bag, and as I was looking up something on the band's Facebook page, I noticed that somebody had commented that the meet & greet was at 8 pm, in the bowling alley. Hmmm...

Okay. So I got to Moe's a bit before 8 (doors at 8:30, show at 9) and stood in line to pick up my ticket from will-call. I was fully prepared to drop some cash to upgrade to a VIP ticket, but then I heard the guy in front of me ask about it and found out that they weren't available. So I just asked where the meet-and-greet was (upstairs in the bowling alley) and wandered over in that direction. Sure enough, there's a bunch of people waiting near the door and the roped-off stairs.

I figure, when the guy asks for my ticket, I'll just tell him that I don't have one, but I have cookies for the band, and can I bribe him with a cookie? And if not, maybe I can have someone else give the cookies to the band. Or maybe I can just hand them off as the band comes through.

And then, quite suddenly, the band comes in the door and goes up the other set of stairs that I hadn't noticed at all. Whoops! Missed it. Hunh.

So I'm standing there on the edge of the group, trying to figure out what to do now, when this guy wearing a hoodie emblazoned with the band's logo walks right up next to me and starts trying to tell the group they can go upstairs now. Only nobody's paying any attention to him. And I think, Oh! This is the guy I need to bribe with a cookie. And I say something like, "you want everybody to start moving?" And he says "Yeah, head on upstairs."

Not "can I see your ticket," or anything, just "head on up the stairs." I'm all ready to tell him about cookies, but he just told me to go up the stairs.

So... I went up the stairs!

I was the first person up. "I brought you cookies!" I said. "Oh! Wow, thank you!" they said, pleasantly surprised. "They're bacon chocolate chip. They're really good," I explained. The drummer joked that they had toenails in them also, and I said no, I ran out of toenails. *sigh*

And then I got a picture with Joakim! (The lead singer.)

Me and Joakim
Me and Joakim Brodén, who is a nice guy and also about 8 million times more metal than I will ever be.

I was too flustered to ask for a picture with everybody, but I got to shake hands with everyone and say hello and I even had a bit of a conversation with Pär, the bassist, who was at the end of the line and seemed like he wanted to talk, so I got to hear about touring. (Hailstorm in California; excited to head home; doubled the numbers this time.) And then the line moved on, and so did I.

I guess what I'm saying is, by sheer blind luck I kinda unintentionally crashed a VIP meet-and-greet to deliver cookies to this band I like, and it was pretty dang awesome.

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