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A quick catch-up post, or I'll never manage to get to more interesting stuff.


The weather today was absolutely gorgeous. Around 10-ish I had a craving for ice cream, so I walked to the store to offset it a little, and found the quality of the air just tremendously refreshing.

Monday I had a seminar to attend at 9 am, which, frankly, is the kind of thing that should be banned. The strangeness of the day is that as I was pulling into the parking lot, there was a car sitting sideways in an inconvenient spot, and as I drove past it I saw that the side was all torn up. Got an all-hands email from security during the seminar, and it turns out that some loon stole a bunch of cars and ran them into things, and ended up in our parking lot where he turned himself into the police. Ooooo-kay. (I think there were drugs, and they wore off just after he found himself in a parking lot at the top of a hill with only one road in, and realized he had'nt thought this through very well...)

Sunday was another nice day. Spent the afternoon getting a workout at the studio with kung_fu_monkey. He got to practice his teaching by showing me the first tang soo do form (the one they teach to little kids). Went over to the Gamaches' in the evening and stayed up later than I intended but had a very nice time socializing.

Saturday was Terrible Blizzard Day, woo! It wasn't so bad, really, but it was sufficiently weathery that everything we had planned got cancelled and we didn't leave the house. We got about 6-8 inches of snow here in Westminster, though I guess just a couple dozen blocks south they got almost nothing.

Friday we went and saw Oz at Cinebarre with a big pile of folks organized by heypyro. I didn't think much of the movie (decent visuals, significant script problems), but had a lot of fun going with a group and seeing everyone there.

Thursday was Monkey's birthday, so we had some very tasty sushi for dinner. Happy prime number, sweetie!

Tuesday I also had dinner out, this time with my boss at a French place in Boulder for our annual so-how-are-things-going discussion. (Overall, things are good. Lately, I'm getting attention from management and my opinions are being solicited on areas of my expertise, which is certainly good but also feels really weird. But I definitely feel valued at work, so no complaints.)

And then *last* Monday my half-sister Mollie stopped by work at lunchtime to visit, along with her boyfriend new finacee, who had just proposed on a hike the day before. So that was keen. (Especially given that the previous boyfriend broke up after she said "so, it's been three-and-a-half years; are we gonna do anything about this?")

On the Sunday before that I visited my grandmother, who is still just plugging along.

And the day before THAT was the breaking seminar, which I will post about separately.

And I think that catches me up.

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