Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,


I had a birthday on Tuesday! It was not especially momentous.

Tuesday itself was that day where at 9 am it was gray and wintry and there were a couple inches of snow on the road, and then by 3 pm it was sunny and the sky was blue and the roads were dry. So it got better. We went to Smashburger for dinner and split a piece of cake from the grocery store. Party hearty!

On Sunday, though, we went out for a really lovely lunch at Domo with my mom & Larry (who were in town for one of my mom's best friends from work's retirement party last Friday, and stayed a bit longer to see people), and we had some good visiting.

Monkey got me the Sentinels of the Multiverse game for my birthday, plus both expansions, all of which I unboxed this evening. I have played it once, two weeks ago at Chris's, but I put it on my Amazon wishlist before that because it got some really excellent reviews, and so far in my experience it definitely deserves them.

And of course I got scores of birthday wishes on Facebook all day Tuesday, which was quite nice.

But overall, 41 is a pretty low-key birthday. And that's just fine.

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