Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

birthday games tai chi APPLE WHAT

So I was all set to post about doing tai chi this afternoon for the first time in years, and about people coming over on Sunday for games for my birthday but I can't because we just watched The Apple and now my mind is completely exploded into a million pieces.


Seriously, you have GOT to watch this movie. It is incredibly, amazingly, awesomely, delightfully bad.

It's... okay, was made in 1980, and it's a disco musical about music set in 1994, with the most spandex shoulder-pad eye-makeup beard-glitter costumes you have ever seen. I think this movie may have pulled forth Nirvana and the entire grunge movement from the void into reality just to balance out the cosmos. Every prop in the movie and most of the actor havse hologram stickers all over them. It has a number set in Hell, and Hell is filled with jazz hands. I can't even.

And the most amazing thing about it may be that it was competently made. This is not one of those MST3K movies where half the awfulness is the low quality. No, somebody -- probably a lot of somebodies -- put a lot of time and effort and money (and drugs, sez Monkey) into making this movie look and sound and develop exactly the way that it does; it's not an accident, it's intentional. Somebody wanted that. Whatever crazy things you see on the screen, somebody worked to make it that way!

Netflix asked me to rate it when we were done watching, and I was just incapable. On a scale of 1 to 5, it's like +90 and minus infinity at the same time.

But I can definitely recommend it to you. Wow.

(For the record, games Sunday was great and it was lovely to see everyone, especially folks we don't see often, and we had a finished with a fantastically wicked game of Cards Against Humanity. And Jerry made lotsa Japanese food for everyone cos he is awesome and yay great birthday thank you all for coming yay!)

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