Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Weekend catchup bits and pieces

Interesting goings-on since my last post:

I played two more games of Sentinels of the Multiverse at Chris's games night on Thursday. It's got a lot of replayability. The first games went pretty smoothly, so for the second one we decided to play against one of the difficulty-4 villains (The Chairman). We won, but just barely -- three out of five players were incapacitated in the next to last round.

On Friday evening we dressed up nice and had dinner and then went to an art show for graduating seniors at Boulder something school, one of whom is at Jerry's studio. BMoCA was also showing the "museum of broken relationships", a bunch of donated pieces that represent relationships that had ended. It was interesting, but I think it needs to be curated a little more aggressively. (The simple story pieces were interesting; the wanna-be arty pieces felt kinda pretentious to me.)

Saturday the weather was absolutely gorgeous, and I managed to get outside and do my exercise routine, and it was great. And then I visited my grandmother, who is slowing down but still doing pretty well, all things considered. I usually bring her a bouquet of mixed flowers from the grocery store every time I visit, but this time irises were on sale, so I got her a bunch of those. (When I was a kid, she had huge swathes of iris all around the house in a dozen colors. They're my favorite flower. They're gone now, but the little grape hyacinths were all in bloom along the border of her driveway.) And then I ran my Star Wars game and was able to finally free up the chunk of my brain that had been ruminating over it since we had to cancel last Saturday.

And on Sunday, Adam & Channan came over and played Rock Band with us, and it was keen. Channan brought a couple bottles of homebrew sparkling mead, and one of them, the 2012, is phenomenal. So amazingly good that I really don't have words. Here's hoping he figures out how to replicate it!

Last night, Monkey made an awesome Indian dinner because he is my sweetie and he rocks.

And there's work stuff, but bleh, save it for later.

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