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I have been kinda lame about posting lately. Work has been sucky the last couple days because they installed RedHat (I just typed "RedHate", how's that for Freudian?) Enterprise Linux on my machine, it doesn't have any of the stuff I want installed, I've been installing stuff with only partial success, and when I went to one of the systems people, I realized that his jerky attitude was because he's not actually interested in helping. He just wants people to not bother him. Which is really disappointing. But I'm over it, I'm big, I'll cope.

Secret Satan was really great last weekend. Had only about half as many people last year, but all the profiteroles got eaten, nonetheless. Even the ever-elusive Swensons showed up! I ended up hanging out until 1 am talking about random crap. Kate made super-cool ornaments. I ate leftovers all day Sunday, and did nothing productive, and it was good.

Last night Thomas (goobermunch) came up and we had pho for dinner and saw House of Flying Daggers, which is a beautiful and tragic movie. It's a historical drama from China with a love triangle, so really, one should expect tragedy. These are the movies whose lesson is generally something like "love will fuck you up". But it was grand and beautiful, and they did really interesting things with the sound, I think playing off the fact that one of the characters is blind. We both enjoyed it, though we agreed that we liked Hero (by the same director) better.

To celebrate my frustrations at work today, I made myself a new icon to go with "crabby" posts. Just got back from hanging out with the Floyds for a couple hours. We played an interesting cardgame called Category 5, which has a hurricane theme but is in no way actually about hurricanes. It's just numbers and trying not to take points. But it was fun.

I'm going to telecommute tomorrow, so I can see my monkey when he gets home. Yay! Returning-monkey form, go!

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