Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Hello Spring!

So after our extended-remix winter (DJ Omega Block Snowin-Every-Tuesday version), we had a special preview of summer last week, but now it's finally spring.

Driving to the bus stop this morning, I abruptly realized that a bunch of the trees have leaves now, and those that don't are putting out buds in a hurry.

The mountain bluebells are out in force on the trail behind the lab, and when I took a walk after lunch, I also noticed a wide variety of little white and yellow flowers of various species, plus a few prickly pear pods that looked like they were swelling up and getting ready to blossom.

In front of the lab, where the shuttle picks up and drops off, the planted areas have a whole bunch of ice plant. There's one lone metallic fuchsia flower at the moment, but there's a whole line of yellow ones right up against the wall (presumably where they get more warmth).

Not sure how long things will stay green this year (I gather that although we've caught up somewhat on snowpack, things are still on the dry side) so I'm definitely going to appreciate it while it's here.

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