Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Urpy kitty

Nicodimius has got a hairball or something and is horking up his food every time he eats. We've got some hairball tonic to feed him, and if he's not better by tomorrow morning we'll take him to the vet, but it makes me fretful. It would be much easier if pets could talk, because then we could ask him how he was feeling and tell him that he needs to stop eating carpet fluff.

After an enjoyable birthday barbecue for Chris Floyd yesterday and Star Wars last night, today was scheduled to be board games all day at ChrisCon, but we spent most of the morning cleaning carpets and tending to sick kitty. We headed over for one game, then came back to check up on Nico. He seems to be feeling better, and there's only so much fussing over one can do for a cat, so I'll probably head back shortly. At least that will take my mind off it. Ugh.

UPDATE! Kitty brought up a decent-sized hairball and appears to be feeling quite a bit better now. We'll keep an eye on him, but it looks like we won't need to take him to the vet tomorrow.

ChrisCon final tally: lost my first game of Sentinels today, which is actually satisfying as it shows that the game is not a guaranteed win so long as you play decently. (I think we did but got hosed by luck of the draw.) Came in second in a game of Kingsburg that I took over from another player halfway through. Played a couple rounds of We Didn't Playtest This At All. (It's a good way to fill in a short break while you're waiting for people.) Won a game of Forbidden Island, and lost a game of Island of Dr. Necreaux, which is conceptually nifty but really really broken mechanics-wise. 3 out of 3.5 games I played (not counting WDPTAA) were coop, which is nifty and new.

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