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Backlog - The Mad Schemes of Dr. Tectonic [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Backlog [Jun. 16th, 2013|09:02 pm]
I am often guilty of allowing the perfect to become the enemy of the finished. (Or, in this case, letting "good" be the enemy of "at all".) There's been some pretty darn good stuff that happened over the last couple months that I haven't gotten around to posting about yet, and lest it vanish forever unremarked into the annals of history, I'm just gonna sketch it out, and if I never get around to figuring out how to backpost and writing them up properly, at least I'll have the basics down.

Yesterday I went and visited my grandmother, who is fading a little bit (getting up from the chair is now a two-handed process), but overall still going strong considering that she's going to be 99 years old in October. I think it takes her a little bit to get warmed up mentally, because I actually got a number of words in edgewise before she got up to steam. :)

Then today Monkey & I went off to dim sum at Empress with Dave Verdun. We also went to a vintage store up in Boulder to say hello to one of Jerry's fellow martial artists (who wasn't there) and went for a swim before the two of them ventured forth to beer bust.

On Saturday of Memorial Day weekend I went to Water World with Pyro & Bob and Drew & Glenn and company, and it was AWESOME! I grew up in Golden, so as a kid, Water World was faraway on the other side of town and part of my brain wants to think that still, but no. It is now a whopping seven minutes from my house. Also, the discount for Westminster Rec district residents is huge. More than 50% off. (It's only $10 and change for a half-day ticket!) So it's very easy to feel like you got your money's worth. Also, it's municipally-run, which means the food is not gougingly overpriced, even if you don't bring your own (which is perfectly allowed), and it's not themed and merchandised to death, and it's just a really nice setup.

We went on opening day, and it was just idyllic. Somehow everyone has the idea that it'll be super-crowded on opening day, which means that nobody actually goes. I think the whole day, we stood in maybe two lines that lasted for more than a minute. The weather was fantastic- - warm and breezy, not too hot. We rode basically everything that wasn't closed. We skipped a couple of the "river" tube rides and the standing-wave surf thing, but hit everything else. It was excellent. Got a bit stuck on the Lost River of the Pharaohs (four bears in a tube is too many), but otherwise we made good use of our bonus mass.

On Sunday of that weekend, Channan came over to our place and we went out for sushi (which his hubby Adam, who was out of town, is not keen on). We introduced him to Sentinels of the Multiverse and hung out and had a lovely time.

And then on Monday, we went over to Kate's for the last day of Slayerfest and grilled food and watched the original BtVS movie and the muppet episode of Angel and it was all good. I learned that brussels sprouts actually grill quite well.

Back on May 18th, we bopped over to Ray & Ron & Rich's for a party to celebrate Ron's much-belated graduation (he finally finished off his degree after some unusually large number of years), and then Jerry went off to the Eagle with them while Pyro & I grabbed dinner at H Burger and then went to a concert!

We saw Dragonette (who you may know from the techno-poppy single "I just came to say hello" on the radio) and The Presets (another electro-poppy band) at the Ogden. There was also an opening duo whose name I have compeltely forgotten, but who were pretty fun. Dragonette put on a GREAT show; very high-energy, and played all but one of my favorite songs. So that was nice. And while I'm a little likewarm on the Presets' studio work, I have to say that they do an excellent live show. I had a great time! (And it was a really nice birthday present -- thanks, Pyro!)

Audience-wise, the theme of the evening was "beardy hipsters jam my gaydar" (which Pyro says I should make into a t-shirt) because dang! It is really hard to tell! Also, there was apparently a bear magnet under the floor, because after we moved away from some very talky people at the start of the show, we ended up next to aforementioned unshaven and touchy-feely young dudes and also a couple of guys named Ty and Mike who ended up being there for date night.

And then back in April, let's see, at the beginning of the month I went to another concert at the Ogden, this time with Nick, who had an extra ticket for The Airborne Toxic Event. That was an awesome show. It was jam-packed but great crowd energy. I like their music on the albums, but they are really, really good live. Everything is amped up by a huge amount and it was an ecstatic experience. (Thanks, Nick!)

That was on a Thursday (the 4th), and the following Saturday I got to shadow a bunch of 8-year-olds around the Denver Art Museum for a spy-themed birthday party, which was more fun that I expected it to be. It was also not very difficult to avoid being spotted. Turns out 8-year-olds are not very high on the "observant" scale.

The Sunday after that Jerry & I saw From Up On Poppy Hill, a new Studio Ghibli movie, at one of the arthouse theaters down in Denver with Bob & Pyro. I recommend it. It's un-Hollywood in that very Miyazaki way: lots of moody scene-setting that is very evocative of a particular time and place. The plot is a little melodramatic, but it doesn't hinge on stupid communication failures and there's no villain other than time and distance.

And then the following Friday Bob (Rowe) took us out for sushi at a place up on 120th, and we had a very lovely evening hanging out at our place and being sociable, and it was quite pleasant.

And I think that catches me up, for the most part!

[User Picture]From: dendren
2013-06-17 03:25 pm (UTC)
it's been years since I went to a water park, I absolutely love them but pretty much always forget about them when thinking of things to do. They used to do a gay day at our local one but they haven't in a long time. It was one of my favorite gay events of the year while they still did it. Good clean fun LOL

love the bearded hipsters comment. I was saying something similar the other day. It's even more confusing when they are truly 100% totally accepting and friendly with gay guys, so much that you think "they must be gay" but truth is they aren't and just don't give a shit that you are. I know that's a good thing but it totally jams the gaydar LOL
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[User Picture]From: dr_tectonic
2013-06-17 05:28 pm (UTC)
I hadn't been in probably a decade and a half, but it was still just as much fun as it ever was!

The acceptance thing is the other confounding factor, yeah. I'm not at all complaining about it, because it's awesome that they're so comfortable with it, but it is a little disorienting.
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(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]From: dr_tectonic
2013-06-17 05:25 pm (UTC)
Lovely many ways 'round!

David's back in Denver, yes.

I am not watching StripSearch, alas. It sounds interesting, but I just don't have the bandwidth to keep up with anything realtime these days...
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