Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

wuk wuk wuk

I have spent basically all week preparing for this meeting tomorrow.

This is not, in and of itself, a bad thing, except that I had a whole bunch of other things to do, dammit! I have data to manage! And now all I have to show for it...

Well, okay, I guess if I add it all up, I feel a little more productive. I started off just throwing together a quick presentation, but I have the sense that this is one of those nucleation points where, if you have something coherent that's actually written out, it will shape the course of the entire project ever after. So I helped Colleague put together a draft outline of the data and services plan.

And that needed some documentation of where we're planning to augment (or ignore) the requirements from the overarching project, so I went ahead and redid that entire document so I could add to it, because that was just a hot mess and it was making me itch. Which also let me sneak in some "suggested changes" where whoever wrote the original document had apparently been drinking Wrong Juice. And I cross-checked the damn thing and found some errors because they were also insufficiently persnickety. (Marvel at my persnickitude.)

And, after writing up the resource estimates in the experimental design doc for my boss, I just knew she was going to want the different options laid out all nice in a matrix, so I did that, too. Which let me arrange them in an aesthetically pleasing way, so HA to whoever made them all awkwardly-ordered in the previous project.

Next week, though... Next week I am totally going to ignore all new demands on my attention and just focus on my languishing big tasks. Well, that and prep my Star Wars game...

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