Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Mobile Armored Strike Kommand

Jerry was watching the openings to various '80s cartoons this morning, and now I am jonesing to play a game that never actually existed.

I haven't actually seen all that many episodes of M.A.S.K., and likely I wouldn't be quite so nostalgic if I had, but man, I always loved the premise of this show. I mean, watch this intro:

Is that not ridiculously awesome?!? (And also, wow, could that music possibly be any more '80s? I do not think it could. Holy crap, there's an extended version!)

Anyway, as a kid I always wanted to be able to be able to step into the world of the show (more so than a lot of other shows I liked -- maybe because it was close to our own, and I could more readily imagine being a part of the team), and this morning I was thinking about it again, and I thought -- you know, this would make a great game.

My first thought was, of course, to ponder a tabletop RPG, but there are structural things about the old afternoon cartoons (mostly the highly episodic nature and the reactive stance*) that make them not work very when the players have agency to go do anything they want. But I think you could make an excellent video game out of it.

*Not to mention the fact that none of that characters are smarter than a 10-year-old.

It would be mission-based. You get a trouble alert, and then you have to pick your team based on their capabilities. And then it would be all turn-based tactical vehicular combat with special unit abilities and mission objectives and stuff. Like, okay, I have to move this guy over here so I can use his mask's power to put out the fire and rescue that civilian, but I also need to attack that enemy or it'll get away... oh, but I can transform that vehicle to boat-mode and then it can move along the river and get into range with the energy cannon... Awesome.

Man, I can totally picture the graphics in my head! But alas, there's no such actual thing. So if anybody is ever traveling through an alternate reality and runs across a copy of this game, be sure to pick me up a copy, would you?

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