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Many excellent things

I have been too swamped with delightful things happening (well, and with work), but I'm now two excellent weekends behind and I had better post something about them, because it's only going to get busier after today.

So Friday before last my colleague Melissa had a year-delayed housewarming whereat I got to meet her cat, who is a lovely burly jaguar-spotted tomcat. (Also shy of humans, so I feel privileged that I was introduced.) I ate many tasty nibbles; best of all were thin gingersnaps with key lime spread.

And then that Saturday, in celebration of the Solstice and the blooming of the linden trees, Adam & Channan had us over for dinner. (Their linden trees smelled quite nice, but Jerry & I felt the compulsion to show them the That Mitchell & Webb Look sketch anyway...) Channan baked us homemade breadsticks with amazingly good artichoke dip, and a couple excellent pizzas, and lemon meringue pie. We played a game of Sentinels of the Multiverse, and soaked nekkid in their hot tub once the sun went down, and drank mead, and overall had a time that was both lovely and delightful. I like them guys.

A week ago Monday, Monkey built a new cat condo for our kitties, so we have been enjoying them enjoying it. It has a scavenged rope-wrapped-tube which Nico goes CRAZY over. Tussles over who gets to perch atop it are not infrequent, but today I caught them snuggling together on the top platform, so perhaps we are on the verge of a new era of feline cooperation. (Ahahahahahahahaha not bloody likely.)

(Last week was also gimpy knees week for Monkey, but with powerful anti-inflammatories and a trip to the physical therapist for stretching exercises to get his kneecaps realigned, it looks like things are back on track. So that's good.)

Saturday, while he went off to the studio, I headed out to Brighton to help Bobo & Pyro with pool construction. We had a sizeable crew of bears leveling sand and moving metal bits around, but unfortunately shortly after lunchtime we discovered that we had run out of parts for building the frame, leaving us dead in the water. So probably there will be another such adventure, and hopefully next time I won't skin my finger on sharp metal object...

After I got home and showered off all the sand and brine I spent the rest of Saturday afternoon hastily finishing the sector map for my Star Wars game, which of course didn't get used at all this session, because that's always how it goes. But they did investigate the unfinished Imperial cloning facility and found things that were totally not at all what they expected, and that's always fun, so hooray!

Sunday I woke up creaky. Why, it's almost like I can't go do several hours of hard physical labor and not feel it the next day like I could when I was twenty! Guys, I gotta say, this aging thing kinda sucks. But after some down time, I went to the store and put together some vietnamese coleslaw and some grillables and we drove up into the mountains for Nick & Joe's combined 40th birthday celebration! It was in Pickle Gulch, in Gilpin county, which is actually right next to the school I went to for 6th-9th grades. We had an extended wet spring, and it is SUPER green and pretty up there right now. A lot of it is this very particular shade of green that my eyes reminded me they had not been immersed in for a long time. Anyway, we socialized with friends and picnicked and wandered around the forest and just had a very nice time.

And then yesterday Douglas (who is newly back in town after finishing grad school) came over and Jerry made Japanese curry for dinner and we caught up and played Chrononauts and went for a dip in the pool and once again had a lovely and delightful time. We like him guy, too.

So yeah. Too busy living life to write much about it lately. (Oh, and DOMA is dead, hooray! I basically likebuttoned every single status on my Facebook timeline that day, and it was awesome...)

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