Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Conference update

I'm in San Diego! At the annual meeting for the applied math society (SIAM).

It's going well. Today it is overcast and I feel absolutely exhausted. Perhaps I am fending off a cold or summat.

The meeting is at the Town and Country resort, which is this big sprawling hotel complex. Mostly this means that there are an annoying number of buildings between my hotel room and all the conference rooms. Oh, and that the only food close by is the offensively overpriced restaurants associated with the hotel, so for meals I've been walking half a mile to the food court at Fashion Valley mall, where I can find things to eat that have vegetables but also cost less than $20 a serving. (Also, Pinkberry. Mmmm, froyo!)

I gave my talk on Tuesday, and it was well-received. I still feel weird saying "why yes, I am a good speaker," I think because the first ever talk I gave back in grad school was kiiiiind of disastrous, but the evidence suggests that it's true. I did feel the need to warn the audience that I'm not a mathematician and that there were no equations in my slides.

Today is a busy day with lots of talks to go see. Yesterday I had a couple things in the morning, and then nothing until 6 pm, so I went to the movies and saw Monsters University. It was not bad. Fairly sequelitious.

I miss my Monkey and my kitties and I'm looking forward to heading home tomorrow night. (Although not until after a trip to the beach with Reid & Richard, yay!)

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