Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

The Blargh

I came down with a cold on Thursday (fatigue, aches, stuffy face, sore throat) that knocked me on my ass. Sucked down zinc lozenges and felt better on Friday, though not well enough to work more than half a day.

Then I woke up early on Saturday morning with a serious sore throat, looked in the mirror and saw swollen tonsils, and thought "you know what? I bet this is strep."

So I went to Kaiser and got there before they even opened and got a throat culture which came up negative for rapid strep, but the doctor said "yeah, your tonsils look horrible" so that just meant I got fancier antibiotics.

Cancelled all my other plans on Saturday so as not to expose people and just convalesced and re-read Exile in Guyville by djmrswhite.

Managed to get to a family picnic at my aunt & uncle's on Sunday afternoon (since I was officialy non-contagious by then) and after about two hours felt pretty wiped out.

Feeling much better today, except for the annoying dry cough that has shown up. Spent all day at a workshop listening to talks. Managed to catch up on email but didn't get much else done, which is why I'll be watching the talks streaming online from my office tomorrow morning.

So that's my thrilling existence lately...

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