Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Tired now

This week at work was quite busy, bordering on frantic at the end of it. I'm trying to get things cleared off my to-do list in anticipation of being out for two weeks for our trip to Europe (which is in less than a week, yikes!), and then on Wednesday we had a project meeting where I got assigned three new Important Things. But I managed to shift into sprint mode and get two of them done already, plus a bunch of other stuff, so although I will probably need to do some work on Monday to prep for a heroic effort Tuesday afternoon (we're going to get caught up on the publishing backlog by just republishing the entire catalog), I think I'm in pretty good shape.

Last night we went over to Neal's and made characters for his UnMunchkin game, which is a Pathfinder campaign to introduce our crowd's kids to tabletop RPGs. The kids are playing 1st level students at an adventuring school; the adults are all 3rd level instructors. Grenadier-Sergeant Johann Brødën will be teaching them the fine art of alchemy and also how to blow things up. "Hokay, kidlings! First lesson: if you are finding yourself on fire, stop, drop to der ground, and roll around until fire is out. You don't want to be on fire. Is very bad."

Today we drove over to Golden to pick up the Nevilles' CSA farm share, which they bequeathed to us since they're out of town: a bag of peaches and a bag of heirloom tomatoes, both of which are amazingly good. Golden is weird now because it's still identifiably the town I grew up in, but things have changed enough that I find it really disorienting. Like, the farmer's market is in the parking lot next to the library. Except the library is now what used to be the rec center, and the parking lot is where the pool was, a pool that I went swimming in every morning at 6:30 am in the summers that I was on swim team.

Anyway, then we drove out to Pyro & Bob's for a barbecue and a pool party in the new pool. Which was lovely and relaxing. Monkey and I spent a while drifting around on floaty tubes holding hands like sea otters, and it was exactly what I needed. (Although poor Jerry got a bit of sunburn. *sadface* ) Socialized, came home, did some shopping and cleaned up for people coming over tomorrow, and now I'm tired but relaxed and I haven't thought hardly at all about my to-do list for work today, which was the plan.

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