Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Am I ready? I think maybe I am.

Clothes are packed, and toiletries are ready to be packed.

Bills are paid and just need to be dropped in the mail.

My presentation just needs one more slide updated, redoing the one analysis without the bug in the code did not, praise be to spirits various and sundry, change the results in any meaningful way, so I don't need to update the plots that go with it, and I think I even figured out how to make the problematic figures actually be readable when the presentation is projected. (Answer: adjust the contrast on the images waaaaaay down, to the point that they look seriously gray on the laptop screen. Then they look normal through the projector. Who knew?)

The items on my work to-do list are all either done, in motion and out of my hands, or punted until after I get back. So tomorrow I mostly just need to print a bunch of things out, save state, and shut my system down. Oh, and answer that one email.

Got a haircut today. Might need to pick up a couple things here and there tomorrow.

I have a list of reminders written on the back of my hand in Sharpie, but on the whole... I think we're ready to go!

Which is nice, because I was basically working at a sprint earlier this week (I even went in for half a day on Monday), and was feeling a bit overwhelmed for a while there.

Nothing much else to report since the weekend, except that Mel and Bryree & Marty came over Sunday morning, and we had a sumptuous pancake brunch, spent all day playing Descent, and finished it off with a showing of The Apple. Which was an excellent use of the day.

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