Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Today was a full day of conferencing, so there's not much interesting to report about that. This meeting has a lot of sponsorship from companies that build supercomputing systems, so the talks are a mix of actual scientific talks and talks that are sort of scientific, but also a kind of very soft sales pitch.

Lunch was in the restaurant attached to the hotel (paid for by one of the sponsors), and it was amazing. I guess dry sausages are one of the regional specialties here, and for sure they are very, very good. I also had probably the best potatoes au gratin I've ever had. The desserts were also very good. (There have been a lot of tasty nibbles and desserts at the breaks and receptions, and the lady running the conference keeps pestering people to take extras back to their rooms so they don't go to waste.) Oh, which reminds me -- one of the best features of the hotel is that the contents of the minifridge are complimentary. So not only can you take things out of the fridge so that you can actually use it, you can even consume them, too!

I gave my talk at 3, and it seems to have gone over pretty well. Certainly I got compliments from people above me in the management chain, as well as from laypeople on the support staff. More importantly, I'm now work-stress-free! No more obligations other than just listening to talks and chatting during breaks.

For dinner tonight we joined a group of colleagues in walking over to the old town district, where we found a highly-recommended little place on one of the funky old back streets. I think it was called Botrytis. It was also really really good. I had "lamb cooked for 7 hours", which makes it incredibly tender. Served with family-style sides: arugula salad (quite tasty), oven-roasted potatoes (very tasty), and mashed potatoes (omg to die for). Some of the best mashed potatoes I've ever had. (I'm sure the secret is something like, oh, they're actually half butter, but still. Yum.)

Long walk back to the hotel, leftover reception macarons for dessert, and now to bed.

Oh -- Jerry is uploading pics from both of us to his flickr account:

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