Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Tuesday and Wednesday of the Meeting

Yesterday was a half day for the conference, and I was thinking it would be our chance to go out together and do a little more sightseeing. But I had woken up at about 5:30 that morning and wasn't able to get back to sleep, so when the meeting ended at lunchtime I was feeling absolutely exhausted. Plus Jerry had a rented bike and wanted to get some shopping done, so I ended up just taking a nap, and was very happy that I had.

Once I was feeling more functional, we went to a nearby bakery and I got a sandwich for late lunch. It was a croque something (basically ham & cheese with extra cheese melted on top), and it was good. There were yellowjackets attacking a couple of the pastries on display in the bakery, which I found mildly horrifying.

Afterwards, we played mini-golf at the run-down little course adjacent to the hotel, mostly so we could say we had, and had quite an enjoyable time. We're both terrible, but it runs out I am slightly less terrible then Monkey, and won by a few points. Who knew?

At dinnertime, we strolled slowly past the big bird enclosure on the hotel grounds, which has a peacock, some geese, a floofy rooster (which we are thankfully on the wrong side of the hotel to hear in the morning), assorted cockatiels and parakeets, a couple pairs of mandarin ducks, some gorgeous orange pheasant-type creatures that so would have been made into hats a century ago, and other miscellaneous avians. Then slowly onward to the old town to a pizzeria that Jerry smelled when we walked through on our cross-town hike on Saturday. He got a salmon/creme-fraiche pizza and I got a ham/mushroom/multi-cheese one, and they were both excellent.

Today, poor Monkey awoke with a cold, and spent much of the day in bed, convalescing. (He seems to be doing marginally better after some time in healing coma.) I sat and listened to talks all day. This evening was the big fancy awards banquet, which was very nice and tasty like all the other meals have been, but by the end of it my butt was getting kinda sore from sitting all day.

However, I am now totally finished with wearing both ties and my nice-but-uncomfortable shoes, plus tomorrow we start a half-hour late. Woot!

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