Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Bad non-updating Beemer!

I have been very lax in actually posting anything to my own journal, because I've been spending all my time writing comments in other people's journals. Naughty blogger!

On Tuesday, we had a meeting with Jeremy, who used to work on our project in the very early stages, until he went off to Switzerland to go to grad school. He was visiting, so we had a meeting with him and showed him where the game is now and was suitably impressed, so that's cool.

He's doing transportation modeling, and we also had a lot of discussion about using agent-based models and social networks to model the "other" (non-work, non-shopping) trips that people make that the current models don't do a good job with yet. My thought was that you use the social network model where you have a bipartite graph of people and groups they belong to, and then you have to groups spontaneously generate "events" that will send the group members to random locations. As long as you get the statistics of the group sizes right, I think you'd have something pretty accurate.

Last night was Star Wars at Jeff's. Late start, missing Thomas, but we had a good time.

Jerry went up to Ft. Collins today and picked up Greg (saintpookie), who's hanging out with us for a few days. Just got done watching a couple episodes of Alias (first season, DVDs loaned by Kate), and it's sure a good show.

So, doing well. Kinda tired. I promise, for those who are following it, that I'll try to get lesson two of the evolution discussion started tomorrow...

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