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Tales of the Multiverse: the Dude Abides

Our friends Jason & Gideon did the official domestic partnership thing, and Saturday night they had a reception. It was at a friend's house, and I think the only way I can describe the venue is "stunningly swanky". Rather than try to detail the swank, I'll just mention that it had a walk-in closet with its own balcony, and leave it at that. It was a lovely party and I had a wonderful time socializing with people for many hours until shortly before midnight when I abruptly ran out of steam and felt very pumpkin-flavored, but it was still a great occasion and I'm very happy for the happy couple.

On Sunday night, we went over to Casa de Floyd to watch the Simpsons Halloween special. Had an enjoyable evening hanging out with them, Joe, Kate, and Marty.

Afterwards, Kate, Joe, Chris, and I played a very dramatic game of Sentinels of the Multiverse. We had Miss Information as our villain. Her story is that she's the Freedom Five's secretary, who gets killed when the heroes decide to save five random strangers instead of her. She then resurrects into a version of herself on a different timeline and wants revenge. She's a pretty nasty foe, a difficulty 3 or so. The biggest problem is that she takes out equipment and ongoings, and all the heroes we were playing needed those to be effective.

So the first couple rounds, we got beat down pretty badly. On top of the nasty "diversions" you have to fight from the villain deck, our environment was The Final Wasteland, which is filled with monsters. We did get the Ancient Library early on, which is handy because it lets you draw more cards -- at the price of summoning yet more monsters.

I was playing The Scholar, whose deal is that he's this mysterious zen master alchemist dude. He is also very much The Dude from The Big Lebowski. (He wanders around in a bathrobe and in the picture where he's holding the Philosopher's Stone, it looks a lot like a bowling ball.) He can do some damage with the right card combos, but mostly he's about damage reduction and healing. He's a big fat tanky damage sponge.

By the time we got the villain card flipped over to the not invulnerable side, things were looking pretty dire for the heroes. Like, count-your-HP-on-one-hand dire. But I had a Flesh To Iron ongoing in play, which let me ignore almost all of the monsters. And then I got a second copy of it, which let me ignore everything else. I can't save the other heroes; they all go incapacitated. But now we've got a half dozen nasty environment monsters in play (and more coming, because I'm using the Library to draw cards so I can discard them to keep the Flesh To Irons going), and they only have two targets left: me and the villain. And after three rounds, they just basically ate her. Essentially, we won by biding our time. (The special powers from the incapacitated heroes also helped a lot; the first round after The Visionary went down, somebody said, "Man, that's a great ability! We should have let her die a long time ago!")

Chris pointed out what a great arc that would have made in a comic book. For the first four issues or so, things just keep going wrong for the heroes, and everything is terrible. Beloved characters comatose in the hospital, iconic gear seized by the authorities, PR problems, doom and gloom! And then they discover the terrible betrayal from within! They chase her through the dimensional portal, but it's a trap! And in the last two issues we have this final showdown in the apocalyptic wasteland of the far future between the heroes and Miss Information, and one by one, harried by cryptids, she lures each of them to their doom! Meanwhile, on every third page, there's a single panel where The Scholar is just hanging out in the library, reading, and the audience is like, what the hell is he doing?

Finally, at the end, he goes outside, and she's there, waiting for him, and she asks him where he's been or something.

And he says, "I was looking for a way out."

And she says something like "You cannot escape! You'll die with your friends, just like they let me die!"

And he says "Oh, I'm so sorry. Not for me. For you." And he looks kind of sad as he turns into an iron statue.


Revive friends, go home, the end.

I would read the hell out of that comic, wouldn't you?

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