Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Overnight wedding trip (with manifold parentheticals)

Quick update while I'm waiting for my flight home:

My sister Mollie got married yesterday. It was a fairly simple ceremony, short and sweet, officiated by her half-sister (my ex-step-sister) Ginger. At a little public building ("the boathouse") by a lake in a park. My brothers (two steps, one half) were there (with one nephew), and we all ushed for her. It was enjoyable getting caught up with them; I also got to see my ex-step-mother (my dad's second wife, the bride's mother) and a couple distant ex-relations who remembered me as a seven-year-old than I do them. (I always feel bad about that. It's not just age; my memory for concrete details of events is frequently terrible, so I often don't remember people until we've interacted several times.)

I ended up going back to my hotel with a fair amount of extra barbecue, which I had for breakfast this morning, which is why I'm sitting at Dave's Famous Barbecue in Branson airport eating a salad. (I had to ask for it special, since all the salads on the menu have meat.) When did I become someone who craves a certain number of vegetables each day?

Branson airport is tiny (3 gates) and new (two years old). It looks like a Bass Pro Shop inside, because it was built by the very rich guy who owns the chain. My guess is that he wanted an airfield closer to his house, and this was the affordable way to do it. It was also way cheaper than flying into Springfield proper, and it's only a 45 minute drive away. But if you don't rent from the rental car place that's at the airport, the shuttle ride is about half an hour, because the other rental car places are all located in the next town over!

Okay, I think my plane is here, so I better hit post. Looking forward to being home!

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