Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Goings On of Late

I didn't post for a bit because my brain was overtaken by a muse (see previous post) and so now I have to catch up. Reverse-chronologically:

This weekend, I got both kitties to wear their harnesses for upwards of an hour! On Saturday and again on Sunday! Nico is happy to wear his (once you get it over his head), but being able to Ioliel's on and not have her freak out is new and different. Also, I got their portraits framed and hung finally.

On Saturday, Jerry's school had their charity kick-a-thon, and when I saw his Facebook status update about it I thought "oh! It's a lovely day. I should go and be supportive and get out of the house. Buuuut... it ran from 1 to 3, and I saw the status update a little after 2, and they ran a bit short, so by the time I was showered and clothed and over there, they were all done. But he appreciated the thought, and we had ourselves a little picnic in the grass near the studio, and it was quite nice.

And then on Saturday evening, Bob and Douglas came over. We had dinner at NooCo and froyo at Zinga and played some Carcassonne and Cards Against Humanity and had a lovely and delightful time.

Nothing much worth mentioning during the week last week. I think I started writing a rant about something floating around Facebook and got halfway through and then lost momentum on it. Maybe that was the week before. I saw a talk at work about formal CS methods for scientific programming (unit testing in particular), and I probably could rant about that at some length, but to abbreviate, I want to believe in it, but then every time I try to figure out what it would actually look like, I get frustrated because it all seems pointless and/or confusing and all the examples are stupid contrived nonsense about "here's how to unit test adding two numbers" which is NOT HELPFUL. There's no point in testing that because if you can't rely on addition to work properly, everything you do is doomed. If CS people want to get scientist-programmers to adopt better, more modern methods, we desperately need realistic examples to look at. /rant

Oh right, that's what the last two weeks at work have been about: with the help of my grand-boss, we got this kriging thing working, cross-validating, and running at a not totally-unreasonable speed. It'll still need to run on a supercomputer to do the whole dataset, but the project is now in motion.

Last weekend I got to play D&D with 8-year-olds. It was fun but just a wee bit disorganized. Kids that age are totally chaos-aligned. I believe we did manage to impart some important lessons, like, "scouting before a fight is useful", and "pay attention to the range of effect on your spells" and "if you insist that your character is sleeping in the river, your character will get sick and be at -2 to everything the next day." I am also pleased to report that I didn't miss on my attack to finish off the main baddie, because it probably would have resulted in TPK of all the 1st-level kiddos. Whoops!

Also last weekend: bonfire at Pyro's! It was a big one - maybe 80 people? Had a fine old time socializing with all the bearfolks. (I enjoy these kinds of events so much, and I really wish I had more to say about them than "I had a great time!" but my brain is no good at retaining the kinds of details that make for interesting anecdotes, so all I'm left with is the bare outlines and a happy but abstract memory...)

And then Tuesday before last I skipped work and went to a birthday lunch for my grandmother, who has just recently turned ninety-nine years old! I had to spell it out, because that's a lot of birthday.

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