Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Fire bad. Baking soda good.

Well THAT was alarming.

We just had a minor grease fire!

Greasy build-up under the stove lid caught fire while I had one of the big burners on high. I pulled the pot off and put the lid over it to starve it, but it was still burning, so I yelled for Monkey to grab the fire extinguisher. The fire extinguisher was in the closet where it was supposed to be, but it was hiding in a corner, so in the heat of the moment it managed to be invisible.

So I grabbed a box of baking soda from the freezer and dumped it out over the burner, and that put it out.

(Hooray for middle-school fire safety lessons!)

The stove is a big mess, but everything appears to be fine. There's just a bunch of baking soda, grease, and soot to clean up once it's all cooled off. (And double-checking the nearby wiring to make sure nothing melted.)

The pork roast I was browning is in the crock pot, where it was destined all along, so it shouldn't even interfere with dinner.

Now I just have to wait for all the adrenaline to wear off...

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