Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Weekend Update

Man, I am just sucking at updating regularly.

Had a fine, fine weekend, which kung_fu_monkey and saintpookie have also blogged about. Friday night I made dinner and we played Gloom and Monkeyball and then I stayed up til 4 am talking with Greg.

Saturday daytime was mostly about picking up the house. Anime Night was smaller than we were expecting, but that ended up being for the best, I think. As we mentioned, don't watch Crying Feeman unless you're ready for Naked-Power™! Not really worse than, say, something R-rated on Skinemax, but, yeah, kinda gratuitous. I'm just glad we have Fruits Basket to make it all better.

Took S'Pookie back up to Ft. Collins Sunday afternoon. As God-Emperor of Planet Xerth-Q3, I'm hereby directing the universe to send a job his way and get him relocated down here to Denver, 'cuz that would be good.

I also got a call from my aunt Judy this weekend. (She is the bestest aunt.) The pictures I sent got there, yay! I printed out a pair of good pictures of me & Jerry at Jeff & Alice's wedding. One has him poking me with a fork, and in the other I'm eating his cake. I also sent a picture of me at the WWII memorial in Washington D.C. for my grandfather, who's a WWII vet. I actually managed to get a good picture of myself with the self-timer on my camera, which was pretty cool.

Today at work I learned (as if it's something new, HA!) that MS Internet Explorer is, yes, stupid. If you download a jarfile off a webpage, IE notices that it's a type of archive and changes it to a .zip file! Isn't that clever?

I think I'm fighting off a cold. Zinc lozenges are probably forestalling it, but my throat is sore. I may sleep in tomorrow; we'll see how I feel in the morning.

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