Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Low-key Christmas

We had a very casual Christmas this year. We decided that instead of lots of Christmas shopping, we'd just each get each other half a new couch. (Though I did also get a Nintendo DS to share and play Layton games on. And a stick blender!) We don't have the new couch yet; the plan is to go shopping on Sunday.

We went over to Trav & Barb's for Christmas dinner with them and my grandmother and a cousin of my uncle's. And we spent the evening at the Nevilles', visiting with chosen family.

I only got Christmas proper off from work, but I decided I was pretty unenthused about going in to the office today, so I stayed home. I did manage to get about 4 hours of work in trying to replicate a method described in a paper. I think I've got it, though there were some metaphorical screws left over, like discovering that there's an entire paragraph describing how they handle some corner cases that can't actually happen according to how I implemented it. When a paper is mostly about a computer program, I really wish the scientific literature was set up to just publish code itself instead of descriptions of it...

Also spent several hours today and Tuesday going over open plot threads in my Star Wars campaign with Jerry. It's interesting to revisit my old notes and see how things that have evolved from the initial idea.

Heading off to Chris's shortly for some gaming. Hope you had a [Merry Xmas | day off for somebody else's holiday] (as appropriate)!

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