Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

After work today, I picked up Chinese takeout and went to have dinner with Grandma. (It turns out my grandmother really loves cashew chicken; somehow, I never knew this until recently.) We had a nice dinner, then chatted for a while and watched some Olympics.

I haven't seen any Olympic action before this, because the monkey and I don't have cable and our television only gets one channel (Fox), and that badly, so basically the only thing we watch that isn't a DVD or video game is occasional episodes of The Simpsons. The Olympics is (are?) pretty cool, though there was this tinge of nationalism/patriotism to the presentation that I found distasteful.

Afterwards, I went over to my Dad's, talked to my step-mom Marianne for a while, watched more Olympics, said hi to Dad briefly when he got home, then came home.

Soon: bed.

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